Thursday, June 13, 2013

How did I get here.....?

An interesting question that everyone asks at one point in their life.  This series of works looks at this question, both from a existentialist point of view as well as a pragmatic one.  Approximately 15 years ago it was discovered that I am descended from an Ojibwa heritage, thus making me Metis.  This informations was a family secret lost for many years.

At the time of Confederation, much of the inhabitants of Drummond Island, north of Manitoulin Island, were relocated to the shores of Georgian Bay.  During this time of displacement, there was a decision made to conceal our past. I am a product of this conflicted identity.

As a craftsman, I have a fascination with post-war "made in Japan" kitsch - these bizarre figurines made by the hands of some of the most traditionally skilled people in the world, became our souvenirs, mementos and trinkets.  See my other blog, Kitsch Still Life.

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