Friday, June 14, 2013


Just how did my interest in the Cowboy & Indian myth get rolling?  As I mentioned earlier, I have been researching my family's secret Metis identity along with the colonialization of the Ojibway of the Southeastern Region.  Early in 2012, I discovered a small book produced by the Canadian Department of Mines (1914) called, “SomeMyths and Tales of the Ojibway of Southeastern Ontario”.  This publication is the translation of various legends as told by tribe elders and states in the preface: “as few changes as possible have been made in the English of the Indian informants”.  These are fascinating stories.

Tim Laurin, Naughty White Man, Phtototype on Kozuke with ink washes and ashes, scorched paper,  dogwood and birchbark, 60 in by 40 in, 2013

Tim Laurin, Kissing Cousins, Phtototype on Kozuke with ink washes, scorched paper, 24 in by 32 in, 2013

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